Hip-Hop is Life

Reflecting on the sacredness of rap music

“I live and die for Hip-Hop”

— Naughty by Nature

I’ve been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately.

More accurately, I’ve been listening to a lot of hip-hop for the past ~20 years.

Yet I go through phases of deeper engagement than usual.

Lately I’ve been diving deep back into bouncy ‘90s and early 00’s beats and rhymes. I even made this playlist of some of my favorites:

And goddamn.


This music…

It’s just so good.

I think my soul came to Earth to experience rap music as one of its utmost priorities.

My soul just vibrates with this music.

It instantly, automatically uplifts me.

There’s just so much raw power, love, passion, excitement, and fun captured within the time-capsules of classic rap songs.

I can feel the hearts and souls of the creators in their beats, and even more so in their words.

I can feel their pain, their strength, their resolve, their anger, their grit, their joy, their hope, their determination.

And it fucking moves me, man.

I just wanna bounce and dance and rap and vibe and chill…

Just wanna playfully be what I am and thunder-strike this earthly sphere with pure cage-melting flame and light…

It charges my soul.

What does ‘Hip-Hop’ mean?

I was contemplating this question yesterday.

It goes way beyond the music.

It’s the pulsing heartbeat of life itself.

It’s the eternal Dance of Creation.

It’s the music of the gods.

It’s pure flow.

Pure creativity.

Pure love.

Pure explosive motion.

“And it just don’t stop.”

Like Naughty by Nature…

I live and die for Hip-Hop.

It’s the soundtrack to my life.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

New Tunes of Mine + Music as Self-Hypnosis

Here’s a new track I dropped yesterday on 11/11, a remix of Geto Boys’ classic track, ‘Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta’ called ‘DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A WIZARD.’ : )

If you wanna dive deeper down the hip-hop rabbit hole, definitely check out this list of ‘111 Genius Rap Albums That Changed My Life’ that I published a while back on HighExistence.

And if you never listened to it, probably my favorite album I’ve ever released is called IOWASCA by HEAVILY INDICATED, aka CoryaYo and I:

CoryaYo and I are presently concocting a new album for y’all that I’m also ridiculously excited about. Stay tuned for that.

Music is an immensely powerful form of self-hypnosis, just like everything we absorb.

I recommend being aware of the sort of music you listen to regularly; realize this is heavily seducing your energy into a particular reality-tunnel.

Understanding this, we can see that high-frequency music that charges your soul is a profound/useful psycho-spiritual technology for creating the reality you wish to live in.

Use this knowledge wisely. : )


P.S. Thank you to everyone who joined The Sovereign Man!! Yesterday 27 heart-led men embarked on our 9-week journey together. The energy already feels mega-potent. I’m humbled, honored, and stoked to co-create with these brothers.

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