I Support Your Choice to Get Vaccinated — Will You Afford Others the Same Right to Choose?

Bodily sovereignty is paramount in a free society

Let me be clear: I 100% support and will vigorously defend your right to choose to receive whatever injections you like, my friends.

I simply wish for all to be afforded the same freedom.


I recently published ‘Vaccine Passports, Tyranny, and the New Earth’…

In this post, I shared that I am not in favor of anyone being coerced/forced to receive an experimental injection.

I also shared data-based reasons to be vaccine-hesitant, and I discussed how vaccine skeptics and unvaccinated people are being witch-hunted.

Unsurprisingly, some people viciously attacked me for the post, calling me an “idiot” and other names; one person even said, “Burning real witches is, not only fine, but actually necessary.”

I felt compelled to write a follow-up, because it seemed that people overlooked my essential point:

I 100% support and will vigorously defend your right to choose to receive whatever injections you like, my friends.

I simply wish for all to be afforded the same freedom.

Forcing millions of people to get *any* experimental injection is a slippery slope to a very, very dark place.

Forcing millions of people to get an experimental injection that slows but doesn’t stop the spread—an injection which has led to death, injury, and adverse reactions for large numbers of people—is an *extra* slippery slope to a very, very dark place.

This was my essential point.

Note that it isn’t an ‘anti-vax’ point. I’m in favor of people getting whatever injections they feel are best for them.

I don’t consider myself ‘anti-vax’—I’m more inclined to research vaccines on a case-by-case basis, in combination with trusting my own body’s intuition about what it needs. I do trust my own gut/intuition/direct experience over anything else in life.

So if my essential point was about coercion, why did I share data illustrating reasons to be hesitant about the vaccine?

Because I did my research, and it is far from a cut-and-dry case. And this demonstrates that there are valid reasons to choose to refrain. It underscores that those choosing not to put it in their body are not wicked or insane.

Even if I had chosen to get the injection, I would be vigorously defending people’s right to choose what they put in their bodies—it’s simply fundamental in a free society.

Furthermore, as I wrote in my original post: Even if the injection were a 100% proven blissful-immortality serum that allowed you to live in blissful happiness eternally, until you chose to die, I would not want to live in a society that forced everyone to take it. The tradeoff would not be worth it for me; this is how highly I value (bodily) sovereignty.

Could my original post have been more balanced?

Yes, it could have.

Some people sent me more reasonable replies that helped me to see that.

I could have noted that two billion people have been vaccinated; the vast majority of them seem to be okay in the short-term; and in the short-term, the injection seems to slow the spread and reduce severe symptoms of C-19, so it has almost certainly extended many lifespans.

I could have then balanced this with the valid reasons to be hesitant about the vaccine:


When I wrote my original post, I was admittedly in an activated state, due to feeling strongly that requiring people to ‘show papers’ to go to restaurants/gyms/grocery stores/etc. is a slippery slope to a very dark place. I still completely feel that way.

I can see, though, that I could have softened my language and been calmer and more balanced. This would have increased the likelihood of people actually considering my essential point about non-coercion.

Admittedly, I felt inclined to support my main point and to highlight the under-reported, data-based reasons to be hesitant. I felt less inclined to highlight the case for vaccination, as this case has been flashing from all angles on every news and social media platform for months.

In sum

Anyway, I felt like penning a response to those who replied to my original post.

Maybe this will help clarify my essential point.

As I said in my original post, I feel that on the deepest level all is well at all times; we can trust the flow of Divine Nature; these profoundly initiatory times contain great possibilities for transformation; and we are blessed to be alive to experience this magnificent Life.

With Love,

P.S. For the record, I don’t intend to belabor this vaccine (passport) topic with many more words, unless it really feels necessary; I’m more interested in discussing non-dual awakening, the broader global transition and ‘time of unveiling,’ how to create sovereignty for yourself and your family, and the path to the New Earth.

P.P.S. My recent book, COVID-1984: The Great Teacher, zooms out to place C-19 in a larger civilizational and metaphysical context. It delves into the hidden dimensions of this historical moment and the collective rebirth we are being invited to undergo. It offers paradigm-shattering insights into the nature of sickness, healing, death, rebirth, slavery, freedom, consciousness, and much more, revealing what is ultimately a stunningly beautiful picture of reality that you won't hear about on the "news."

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