NFTs: The World-Changing Renaissance Most Don't Know About

Why NFTs are on the rise and here to stay...

Most people still haven’t heard of NFTs.

Or if they have, they don’t get it.

They think it’s a silly passing fad.

I am not in this camp.

I think NFTs—“Non-Fungible Tokens”; essentially a piece of blockchain tech that enables anything digital or physical to become a provably-owned digital asset—are here to stay, and are going to get much bigger.

Two Twitter Threads Articulating My View

Here are two threads I wrote in the past few months articulating why I feel this is the case. The first is from October:

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Second Thread

And here is a slightly older thread from August that I think is still worth including:

In Sum

So this should give you a clear sense of what I’m seeing in the NFT space and how I’m connecting it to the emergence of a New Earth.

My NFT list on Twitter should also give you a solid leaping-off point if you want to go deeper into NFT Twitter—currently the best place to learn about NFTs, in my view.

I’m very curious about where this NFT renaissance will go, and I’m pondering on ways to integrate NFTs into my own projects. If you have ideas for possible collaborations, reply and let me know.


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