The Danger of Dark Rabbit Holes

On staring long into the conspiracy abyss...

One month ago, I realized I had self-hypnotized into an intensely dark reality-tunnel.

I had been deep-diving in conspiracy rabbit holes for a few days.

I felt somewhat paranoid and stressed.

There was an impassioned discussion about C-19, vaccines, and tyranny within Ouroboros.

A Series of Bubble-Popping Realizations

Then, I had the following series of realizations, and wrote them down:

[The following may sound outrageous, but if you saw/absorbed all that I’ve seen/absorbed, you may feel differently.]

I’m probably too presently attached to the idea of an elaborate deep-state global conspiracy in which child-sacrificing, demonically-possessed satanists have been endeavoring for centuries or millennia to turn Earth into a prison / farm.

This is just an idea. And this idea does seem to illicit paranoia and stress in my system.

Applying the heuristic that truth is life-giving, vitalizing, enlivening…

I can deduce that I am missing something.

What I am missing, is that this is just a story about one tiny aspect of Infinite Creation.

The white, puffy cloud floating in the blue sky out the window…

Or the emerald trees swaying gently in the breeze…

Are equally valid and significant aspects of experience.

Perhaps more valid and significant, right now at least, because they are immediately present…

Whereas the ‘satanic cabal’ is present only at the level of thought, as a concept…

The other thing I am missing, is that my mind has fallen back into the trap of assuming events are knowable and pin-down-able—able to be isolated from the rest of reality and encapsulated or understood.

This is not the case. Deep down, there seems to me to be only One Mysterious Non-Event—i.e. the All. And it seems to be entirely at peace with itself.

I became sucked back into a trap of needing to ‘prove’ that my story is ‘more true’ than another person’s story. But truth is not a story.

Truth is the forever-beyond. Forever beyond any story, belief, idea, assumption, theory, or human reality-tunnel.

This is why truth is weightless freedom. Because it transcends the heaviness of definitions; transcends all cages; transcends all reductive structures. It is literally infinitely beyond any person’s interpretation of ‘what is going on.’

When you surrender all ideas and assumptions back to God, truth reveals itself as the smiling, shimmering silence from which all blooms and to which all returns.

Awake silence.

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Yes, my mind has been whipped up into somewhat of an anxious frenzy by absorbing conspiracy information in recent days…

Interesting how it feels as if the ‘tyrannical plot’ has intensified and accelerated in the past week, since I started diving deep into this stuff…

Very tricky and interesting how giving energy and attention to this stuff, seems to amplify it…

It parallels the C-19 phenomenon actually… the fear-porn sucked people in, they became addicted to it, and the whole thing took on outsized proportion in their minds… Then the bloated thought-form began to consume the whole world…

In what way is the ‘satanic cabal’ identical in structure?

It is a story that says, “There is an invisible threat outside of you. Something you cannot see, is killing and harming people in large numbers. It is dangerous and it must be stopped.”


Wow, now that’s fascinating.

It’s the very same trap.

Does that mean it doesn’t exist, or that it’s invalid?

No, it may, in some form.

However… there is a strange phenomenon by which fiercely believing in a certain reality…

And pouring large amounts of energy and attention into it…

Strengthens and amplifies that reality.

Draws it closer to you.

Renders it increasingly all-consuming.

You start out simply wanting to understand something more deeply, and wanting to raise awareness of disturbing societal ills…

And next thing you know, you’ve become ill.

You’ve given so much attention and energy to dark realities, that you’re now living in a dark reality.

This is a dangerous feedback loop: It’s easy to see how this phenomenon could then drive individuals to go deeper and deeper down dark rabbit holes, looking for more and more confirmation of the darkness, not realizing that in doing so, they themselves are fueling the dark matrix that now surrounds them.

I’ve done a good job of not giving my power away to a virus. So why am I giving so much of it away to the deep state, governments, and media? These too are apparently external threats, and staring at them subtly lures one into a victim mentality—in which one believes something outside of oneself is oppressing or could oppress oneself. But deep down: There is nothing outside of oneself. One is always, already free.

Transcending the Matrix

The key to transcending the matrix, then, is not to stare endlessly at the bars of one’s apparent cage, which only renders the bars more solid and terrifying.

Rather, it is to realize that the cage does not exist in the way you think it does; it’s not so solid.

When you drop all concepts and return to is-ness, you begin to remember the level on which you are always, already Free.

Realizing the cage is not as solid as it seems, you can then cease giving energy to the cage (fighting the old) and begin being and focusing on and vividly imagining a reality in which the non-solid cages dissolve altogether (be/vision the New).

What would it look like—a society in which people are whole, free, loving, and do not give their power away to tyrants?

If you secretly do not want the responsibility for your own Power and Life Force, there will always be parasites eager to steal these from you. That is the only way they truly can steal these from you, or hurt you in any way—if on some level you give them permission.

That is why energetic parasites are great teachers. They teach us where our ‘leaks’ are—where we are not fully owning our Life, our Power. They prey on us and drain us until we become sick of it, reclaim our Power, and transcend them.

You cannot force someone to notice the parasites that are preying on them. They will only notice when they actually want to stop giving away their Power. Most people seem not to want to notice—not yet. In many ways it is easier to be asleep and let something else take the wheel.

Rather than trying to convince people that on some level they are enslaved and preyed upon…

It is far more powerful to show them a living example of what it looks like to reclaim one’s Power.

To show them what Life can be, when we own our Creativity and Limitlessness.

To show them a New Earth—a different set of possibilities.

This has great potential to activate a latent seed of longing—the longing innate in all human beings: To know who one is, and to be that. To create a beautiful garden on Earth that mirrors our soul’s highest truth.

Trying to convince someone of anything, on the other hand, results merely in defensiveness and in the person becoming more deeply entrenched in their position.

“Wise men don't need to prove their point; men who need to prove their point aren't wise.”

— Lao Tzu

Forceful words do not convince.

A flower blooms not when you persuade it to do so, but when it sees the Sun.

So, if it resonates for you to do so… be a Sun.

Radiate truth, power, strength, courage, confidence, grace, presence, honor, and love.

Only then will this earthly garden come into full bloom.

Only then will we reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Only then will the shadows which haunt us dissolve into the Light.



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