The 'Deep State' is Not a Myth

The rabbit hole goes deep...

'Deep state' is not an absurd 'conspiracy theorist' fantasy.

It's a useful term for referring to the very real network of power and control that exists on Earth and extends far beyond the main figureheads of governments.

That this network exists is apparent to anyone who does even a modicum of sincere research.

The extent to which this network is interconnected and consciously conspiring toward malevolent ends is a more open question, but… is there a small group of entities with a vastly disproportionate amount of power?


Wanna know who has the most power in this world?

One great heuristic is to follow the money.

Good questions to ask:

  • Who prints and controls the US dollar?

  • Which companies/institutions made the most money during C-19 so far? (I'll answer this one: Google, Facebook, Amazon, pharmaceutical companies, big banks, big financial institutions, those who own the Federal Reserve, etc)

  • Who controls the mass media?

  • Who controls Hollywood?

  • Who controls education?

  • Who controls religious indoctrination?

  • Who controls marketing and advertising?

  • Who controls 'healthcare'?

  • Who controls diet, nutrition, food and water supply?

  • Who controls how you birth, parent, school, (un)mask, vaccinate, and care for your children?

  • Who controls where you can and can't travel / live?

  • Who owns your data—your cultural capital, your creations, your writings?

  • What are MK-Ultra, Operation Paperclip, and Operation Mockingbird? Why are these well-documented historical occurrences relatively unknown in the collective consciousness?

  • Who controls the rights to destroy forests, oceans, and air?

  • Why do most people spend most their golden years (age 5-65) doing so much shit that in their heart of hearts they do *not* want to do, and do not find meaningful? (Sitting in desks doing trivial busywork, etc)

  • Who has a monopoly on violence, guns, tanks, bombs, drones, missiles?

  • Why do so millions or billions of people dread Mondays and celebrate on Friday night? Who owns Monday through Friday? Who owns your time and attention?

  • Why are so many millions of people overweight, sick, addicted, and mentally unwell? Why was this the case prior to C-19, and why is it even worse post-C-19?

  • Why do billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 billion people who make up the least-wealthy 60 percent of the planet’s population?

  • Why are some governments policing cryptocurrency so closely? Why is the greatest transfer of wealth in global history—fundamentally rooted in decentralizing power and opening access to previously-elite-dominated domains such as global finance, global art collecting, etc—being policed heavily and increasingly by the US government?

  • Why are the most powerfully wisdom-blossoming ancient plant teachers—entheogenic plants—largely illegal globally?

Question Everything

Genuine scientific curiosity (truly questioning everything and perpetually gathering data to refine one's models) about these questions will lead to very interesting places indeed.

[To research the deep state, check out this thread on FB in which I asked for recommendations for great evidence-based documentaries on the deep state.]

Whether through spontaneous emergence/civilizational drift, wayward incentives driving 'races to the bottom,' conscious conspiracy, dark-energetic possession, trauma-induced psychopathy, and/or a combination of these + many other factors...

We have ended up in a civilization with a profoundly centralized nucleus of power, in which a few mega-wealthy entities have a gargantuan monopoly on our minds, bodies, money, time, attention, energy, cultural capital, data, privacy, 'healthcare,' food, natural resources, art, intellects/ideologies, children's (non-)indoctrination & well-being, and so forth.

And we have a profound OPPORTUNITY right now, through Reclaiming Our Sovereignty, to fracture this monopoly and massively decentralize power on Earth, *taking back ownership of our LIVES*—our minds, bodies, money, resources, time, space, attention, cultural capital, data, privacy, natural resources, food, health, art, care for our children, and so forth.

I view these deep state entities as great teachers—in that they burglarize and farm humanity's energy/resources/time/attention with increasing intensity, until we wake up and RECLAIM OUR POWER.

Think about it: How would you know you were weak and asleep, unless a parasite showed up to start preying on you and preying on you until finally things felt so ‘off’ that you started asking questions you’d never asked, leading eventually to a total paradigm shift?

These entities are actually catalysts for the mass of humanity to realize it is largely in a weak and non-sovereign state of decline, and to *ACTIVATE* and *ACTUALIZE* and *AWAKEN* to reclaim its bodily, financial, mental, physical, energetic, spiritual, temporal, environmental, and life-sustaining sovereignty.

This is fucking exciting !!!

Holy shit !!!!

What a cinematically captivating and momentous opportunity this is !!!!!

WOW !!!


Where to Begin Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

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