True Men are Uncommon and Needed Now

What is True, Sovereign Manhood?

True masculinity is not common in our present world.

Yet it is deeply needed.

The true man, the sovereign man, is…

Rooted in a profound conviction of the Divinity of Life.

He knows God directly in his own experience. 

As such, he knows his own truly indestructible nature.

He knows his essence is beyond whatever appears in this world.

Thus, he embodies uncommon courage and incorruptibility.

He holds a deep reverence and adoration for the Mystery of Being in all its expressions.

He knows and sees directly that this world is his own body.

Thus, he embodies uncommon honor and love for all.

The sovereign man is...

Nearly impossible to manipulate or exploit.

He sees through mind-games and dispels darkness by speaking truth.

His non-knowing allows him to access a clearer seeing.

He trusts his own felt guidance from Source above all else.

He rests when it is time to rest, and acts wisely when it is time to act.

He weeps when his heart breaks and laughs like a child at play.

He roars like a mighty panther when it is time to protect the realm.

He balances will and surrender to actualize beautiful visions.

He joyfully gives his gifts for the upliftment of All.

He cherishes the feminine—within himself and all of Creation.

His eyes sparkle with an innocence too precious for this world.

Further reflections…

For further reflections on what true, sovereign manhood is / looks like, check out this video I just live-streamed:

This is the model of true, sovereign manhood that has crystallized for me at this stage of my life.

Your model is likely different, and that’s beautiful. Feel free to reply or comment on this post to share any reflections on the nature of true, sovereign manhood.

The Sovereign Man

I’m excited to share that I’m creating an 8-week men’s circle & rite of passage called The Sovereign Man — for brothers who feel called to share from the heart and deepen in self-realization, courage, honesty, honor, open-heartedness, and wisdom-embodiment. To be the sovereign men this world is asking for.

The medicine of the men’s circle has been profound for me, and I feel honored to share it. The journey begins 11/11/21, though we will start congregating on Signal prior to that. If you feel called to be part of the intimate group of brothers undertaking this journey, reply or comment and let me know.



Jordan Bates is father of Lila, husband of Tanja, brother of Anna, son of Connie and Dan, and friend of all. He’s a mentor, activator, wisdom synthesizer, writer, trickster, rapper, lover of Tao, and founder of Ouroboros. Find him on social media and view his latest books/albums/offerings here.