True Sovereignty is Awakening

Non-dual realization opens up otherwise-inaccessible levels of freedom, clear seeing, and wise choice-making

The truest sovereignty is realized through awakening, through realization.

With a sincere desire for truth, you can penetrate all layers of assumption and concept to realize that what you are is not time-bound.

Time is made of the timeless.

Death is made of the deathless.

Form is made of the formless.

Multiplicity is made of unity.

That which you truly are—that which we all truly are—that which is all we have ever truly experienced—that which is all that is here in this moment now...

Is indestructible, infinite, loving intelligence.

And you are that.

Know that you are that, have unshakeable faith and conviction that you are that...

You are that one indestructible power.

You are everything, nothing, and what is beyond these.

You are God.

You are Mystery.

You are Eternal Being.

Root yourself there through conviction. Source your actions and intelligence directly from that nameless power.

This is true sovereignty.

The sovereignty of knowing you are always already free, always already beyond anything that appears to happen in life and death.

You are the unborn, undying One beyond both these.

This opens up a new degree of fearlessness; a new capacity to see clearly and respond wisely in all situations.

This is the deepest sovereignty.

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Jordan Bates is a wizard, sovereignty mentor, wisdom synthesizer, writer, trickster, rapper, lover of Tao, and founder of Ouroboros. Find him on social media and view his latest books/albums/offerings here.