Don't "let go"... Let be.

This subtle re-frame can be a profound liberation

Don’t “let go”…

Let be.

I’ve previously spoken at length about David Hawkins’ ‘Letting Go’ Technique

Many people have since asked me questions like, “How do I let go? Something is bothering me and I’m having trouble letting it go. What do I actually do to let it go?”

Seeing this, I realized that people are incorrectly conceiving of “letting go” as something that can be forcibly initiated.

They’re thinking that there is some magic technique that can allow them to dissolve all unwanted feelings at the snap of a finger.

I’m afraid that’s not generally how it works.

I have good news, though:

It is possible to instantly lighten the load of whatever challenging thoughts or feelings may be afflicting you.

But this doesn’t happen through some technique that makes the phenomena disappear.

Rather, the load is instantly lightened when you simply let it be. 

Letting Be

“Whisper words of wisdom… Let it be.”

— The Beatles

You see, when people try to “let something go,” very often they’re actually trying to push it away.

They’re judging it as “not good” or “undesirable,” and they’re telling themselves, “If I can just get rid of this, I’ll be happier.”

In actuality, this is a form of resistance to What Is. 

When we do this, we’re saying, “What Is, is not good enough for me. I just need to clean it up a bit, then it will be okay.”

Well, as the old adage goes: What you resist, persists.

By resisting certain phenomena and wishing them away, we actually tend to empower and amplify them.

Instead of getting caught in this trap, a wiser approach is to simply let everything be as it is.

Drop all stories and judgments and just invite this moment to be exactly as it is.

Complete with all its quagmires and snags and quandaries and quarries and sticky contours.

Let it be just as it is. 

Stop feeling like anything needs to be let go. 

Just savor the unique flavor and texture of this peculiar scene in the cosmic theatre, exactly as it is, realizing this scene has never been shown before, and never will be again.

Get curious about it. Notice its non-replicable completion. Make friends with it. 

Notice that it simply is, exactly what it is

Nothing more, nothing less.

No story can contain it. 

It’s not “good” or “bad.” 

It just is.

If you can see this, instantly the moment will become lighter.

Instantly you’ll move closer to seeing the moment as a once-in-eternity artwork, rather than a burden to be gotten rid of.

When you let things be as they are, you no longer torture yourself with the wish for them to be different.

[And if a wish for change is organically present, you can let that be as it is too.]

This is deceptively simple—easy to overlook.

Yet funnily enough, it’s the most powerful thing in the universe. 

Letting things be. 

And ironically, when you truly let things be, you also let them go.

See, it’s in the nature of things to expire.

Y’know, Buddhism 101: Impermanence: “This too shall pass.”

All things go, all things pass.

It’s only when we resist their natural shelf-life—when we try to force them to pass faster than Life intended—that they stick around longer and haunt us.

Why is that?

One helpful way to see it is that the universe is trying to teach us fearless acceptance of What Is.

Or, said another way, trying to remind us that in our Heart of Hearts, we already fearlessly accept things exactly as they are. 

So when we forget this and act fearful and non-accepting of some circumstance, the universe graciously allows that circumstance to hang around longer, to give us more time to learn to accept it.

Once we accept it as it is, it tends to roll right on along its way in a jiffy. 

Though if we’ve truly accepted it, we don’t really care either way if it stays or goes.

Because like every circumstance, deep down, it’s not “good” or “bad.”

It just is. 

With Love,

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