How to Be Truly Empowered in These Wild Times

On being free now and aligning with the New Earth

A few days ago I streamed a video called ‘How to Be Truly Empowered in These Crazy Times’ that ended up feeling like one of my most potent transmissions.

One dear brother, Andrew Kilgour, said the following when he shared the video:

I've said a lot of stuff over the last few years, and I’ve many videos... but then there's Jordan Bates and there's this video.

This, for me, falls into the category of "the only video you ever need to see" and for me that only had 2 entries in it until now.

If this video doesn't currently resonate for you, I invite you to save it into a folder called "might possibly change my life one day" and see how you go.

As always, love to you all <3

I deeply appreciated Andrew’s kind words.

This video flowed through from a pure and spacious place. If you’re interested in how to be free now and align with the emerging New Earth timeline / civilization, watch this:

I hope this was valuable for you. If you dug it, please consider sharing and subscribing on YouTube.

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Let me know: How did you find the video? What questions or insights arose?


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