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Hey Jordan, thanks so much for sharing this, it really landed with me. I’ve been following the work of you and your wife since connecting with you guys in PAUA and have loved it. We have a lot in common with our background - growing up with dogma and learning how to shed that, diving in the world of crypto, wrestling with the pros and cons of feeling special and chosen, finding a path to authenticity and true freedom, and ultimately integrating and transcending that freedom in service to something greater than ourselves. Given my extreme nature, I feel that I’m currently walking the line between overzealously overextending my capacity for others after a very solitary period in my life and slowly dialing back finding the balance. Thanks again for the work you do. Hope our paths cross in the future 🙏

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Thank you for the beautiful comment, John -- so glad you've been following along since PAUA and that you're finding some resonance. Stay in touch, curious how our paths may be further intertwined <3

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