I wasn't familiar with the word Loosh before, but I am familiar with at least part of the concept.

Making choices that add to the supply of Loosh is now a BIG FAT NO for me because yuck, that's awful.

So...this is a bit out there but what better place for such a comment eh? LOL

It did have me wondering if humanity can be the catalyst for reprogramming the "food/energy" choices of the Loosh consumers. If there's any truth to the Loosh story then I want to do everything that I can to shift their energy preference towards experiences and emotions that lead to thriving and all of humanity being thrilled to be alive and then to experience a type of transcendent joy and bliss at the point of death.

Why not? Why not aim to create a type of symbiotic relationship instead of a parasitic one?

And if it doesn't work?

Well then, I have lived the rest of my life BEING in joy and adventure and peak experiences (Dr. Benjamin Hardy) and in awe and gratitude and connection with all.

And I have lessened their energy supply too so have I really failed?

Nope! :)

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Amazing breakdown of such a complex topic!

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