I'm a new writer on SubStack who just happens to be perusing your work. I do not know your politics but the passages you wrote concerning your stances and what their fundamental importance is was terrific and spellbinding. You are a free thinker and that requires us to be able to choose freely in our actions. Losing one will invariably necessitate the restriction and imposition of the other; to put it more simply, they control your choices now as the precedent needed to destroy your hopes and dreams tomorrow.

I do not think it is an oversell to say that our autonomy is at stake in the current culture and political movements drawing battle lines today. Ironically the polarizing effects bandied forward by increased presence and usage of social media in our everyday lives, which became a boon for those tech companies, helping to increase time online by user and overall traffic, is now the biggest threat to our country's continued solvency. The censorship is a means of wiring our jaws shut and never allowing the communication necessary for healing to come, even in this moment in human life where it feels we are finding more common ground in our shared fears and increased perception of the escalating dangers that threaten to spin our world like a top until it collapses.

In times of great peril, mimicry is one of the safest feelings available to lost souls. Amazing then to see the comments you endured here just a few short months ago and the reprehensible and arrogant way they address your stance on this issue. People don't need much to become unhinged so far that they fail to realize they are the extreme ones and their crusade comes against moderation and common sense. I believe when the governance and the major companies in a state act in such rash fashion, that a number of the populous will take heed and follow suit, almost the same way one sleepwalks. Completely unaware and most centrally concerned with leaving a mark on you during their attack, they came for you just the same as they would for a megalomaniacal figure out of history.

The way you rebuffed them and stood in the light was terrific and I wanted most of all to celebrate that by writing this to you.

I am one of those stubborn fools who would likely be gone had I given in to the onslaught, or were my life different at the time of all of the events happening. By chance I was recently unemployed and in no need of it for any conditional purpose, which I might have caved to under different headwinds. My father at 70 has autoimmune conditions we share and diseases in remission that make me sure that he had no chance of survival had he been given the series. I owe much to people like yourself who came forward to speak boldly or share their awful tragedy in a moment where great consequences stood to be given out by doing so.

We have to have free will to have a free world. We are far away still but we will never stop dreaming and daring for the best of our energies to push through and create the world we all desire.

Thank you Jordan!

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Thanks for sharing with NLS :)

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Studies have shown that you are much more likely to get a blood clot from Covid 19 then you are from the vaccine. https://fortune.com/2021/08/27/youre-far-more-likely-to-get-a-blood-clot-from-covid-than-from-a-covid-vaccine-study-reveals/

Millions of people have received the vaccine and out of that A tiny percentage get adverse effects which is extremely rare.

Also, the vast majority of people who die from Covid now are unvaccinated which shows that the vaccines do work. https://www.npr.org/2021/09/10/1036023973/covid-19-unvaccinated-deaths-11-times-more-likely?t=1631629429125

Regarding vaccine passports, even if they do come to fruition is not going to force people to get vaccines. They can still choose not to go to nightclubs or pubs. And they can still get a short-term Covid pass from having 2 negative tests. You don't have to have the vaccine to get a pass.

You don't seem to have thought about this from the view of vulnerable people, like myself. Vaccine passports would make me feel a lot more confident about going into crowded places like nightclubs if I knew that everyone else was vaccinated. If I get Covid it would probably not turn out well for me.

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Requiring people to wash hands before eating is not a breach of freedom. The Vaccine Revolt was over 100 years ago and, yes, it was a little authoritarian, but it saved millions of lives. Vaccines are probably the only part of medicine worth funding, the only one with positive externalities and great, measurable ROI. This is not about a serum that makes you or any individual self immortal; it's about not drinking water filled with lead — and alleging that removing that lead is removing a basic freedom. It is not. It's just a fucking vaccine. Some deactivated virus that is less deadly than the activated one that will murder our children if you let it. The US is getting behind on vaccination rates and it's a shame. This is a solvable problem, and people — by exercising their freedom — are choosing not to solve it. You are part of the problem and you are amplifying a suicide-cult belief, together with the big woo language and metaphysical, unfalsifiable discourse. Shame on you. The bad thing about witch-hunting is the fact that it leads to burning innocent non-witches. Burning real witches is, not only fine, but actually necessary — if they are threatening out safety and that of our friends and family.

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