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I finally found an essay where i can pour my testimony about why i would never practise and teach "manifesting" techniques again (gonna be short so people can read at a glance and understand it).

Why? Because:

1) it places solely on our responsibility to make (or not make) it happen. When it fails to happen, it's our fault for not keeping our vibrations high. Basically it's saying if you're poor it's your fault. It's frustrating enough to consider all the variables. Hello?

2) the intricacy of the details vs vagueness. Say, i want 150k --> how much details should i put into visualisation? how long more? nobody, and i emphasise, no one can freakin ever guarantee, when and how. The coaches put them onto the universe's conduct. So, how detailed is that exactly i need be? Vagueness of striking the balance.

Well, how about i offer the alternative: accepting the life unfolding as it should be according to God's will.

Like in Isaiah, that God's plan isn't our plan.

We're not God, we co-create with Him. The way I see it is I'm a CEO of my life, God is the board director, so I must align accordingly with His vision and consult with Him often (through discernment).

I agree with your point about adding the "God willing", like make it a habit of " . . . , God willing, . . ."

3) Lastly, aligned w my feminine leadership journey, being in feminine means trusting, not controlling. Trusting that God will take care of our needs, to be enough, to be always in His hands, while we're translating His vision of a Kingdom of God on Earth.

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Beautiful, thank you for sharing this 🙏🏼❤️‍🔥

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