Dear Jordan,

Sounds like a real dark night of the soul type of experience. Sounds like a big one!

I can relate a little as I am creating a course myself too and the “imposter syndrome” and doubts have definitely been bubbling up in myriad ways.

I would say, keep moving forward amidst the chaos and uncertainty.

Be like the great teacher Ram Dass.

He didn’t pretend to know it all, but he shared his experiences and what he was taught and what worked for him. He gave people questions to investigate, all the while guiding himself at the same time.

This is the true Learn/Teach experience. We don’t have to expect ourselves to be all-knowing. How could we be while in our meatsuits? Lol

We know some and at the same time we continually find that we don’t know shit. And we need to let that be ok. I think just as you did here, putting it all out on the table honestly is super refreshing and inspiring. That is the best kind of teacher.

I would also say, be confident in what you can bring to people, as Ram Dass did.

You CAN make a difference for people even if you are still figuring shit out.

And I thank you for this opportunity because as I write this I realize that this advice is coming thru me not only for you, but also for me.

May you and your family heal well. May your stormy seas subside leaving wonderful insights and learnings.

Much love,


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Love you brah

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Sending you lots of love JB! Hope everyone feels well and recovers soon~!

Definitely been feeling into the raw depths of darkness recently as well, but even this is illusion in one sense -- as positive experiences also pass. As I've experienced firsthand recently, it truly is not about "overcoming" such powerful experiences such as fear, anger, doubt... but just about observing these experiences in their totality.

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Hi Jordan

I don't know if you've heard of it and to be honest I didn't get to watch the whole thing, but I recently saw a docuseries about what happens when Pluto and Uranus align with the Earth in a square or a line. We are in one of those times now and this year I believe it is Saturn?? that joins that alignment. When this has happened in history there has been a ton of disruption on earth such as wars, revolutions, large scale social action etc. Certainly a time of disruption for everyone. It is very interesting, hearing about your turmoil, and feeling the same myself. Take care, Lynn

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