My Daughter Will Not Wear a Mask 8 Hours Per Day in 'School'

On mask trauma, fear-based ideology, transcending school, & sovereign parenthood

[Disclaimer: I’m going to speak bluntly here about my experience/maps of reality; I’m not wanting to judge or condemn anyone; I understand this world is complex and confusing and people are faced with difficult choices; “I only know, that I know nothing”; I feel we’re all doing what makes sense to us given our life experience/context; I feel all is unfolding perfectly at all times; trust your own heart’s guidance and do your thing, man… You’re beautiful as you are.]


When my newborn daughter gets older…

She will not be wearing a mask 8 hours per day in ‘school.’


It’s honestly unfathomable to me that millions of parents are going along with the program on this one.

For me at least it’s just ridiculously obvious that I’m never going to allow that for my daughter.

I would quit my job (if I had one), move elsewhere, and/or start homeschooling way before allowing such a thing.

The Traumatic Effects of Masking Children

Many people seem not to feel the traumatic effects that masking kids will have on them.

What is the implicit message of masking a kid?

You’re essentially communicating to them: 

“Life is not safe. 

Other people are not safe. 

Your friends/classmates are not safe. 

Your body and immune system are not strong enough to protect/heal themselves. 

It’s more important for us to feel we are slightly increasing your safety than it is for you to have an uncovered nose/throat airway and for you to be able to see our faces or the faces of your friends and classmates. 

Safety and slightly increasing the chances of living a long life take precedence over everything else in life. 

Death is a terrible, awful, scary thing, so we must do every possible thing to feel we are pushing it further away.”

Whatever efficacy masking actually has (which is debatable and unclear) in reducing danger, it is utterly, massively overshadowed by the danger and damage being wrought upon millions of children by forcing this life-and-death-fearing ideology down their throats.

It is vastly overshadowed by the damage of a child being forced against their wishes to cover their vital airways and not be able to see their friends’ laughing faces or smiles for 8 hours per day, while being forced to sit still in a desk and try to memorize mostly useless ‘facts’ and information.

I find it difficult to believe that most people do not know this deep down, in their heart of hearts.

Even if C-19 was 10x more of a threat to kids (the data suggests it’s less risky than the flu and very unlikely to harm them), this would not be worth it, in my view.

Time to Transcend ‘Schools’

I guess this behavior isn’t all that surprising on a planet where 35+ countries have made it *illegal* to educate one’s own children. As I wrote in this newsletter a couple months back:

“Homeschooling is *illegal* in ~35+ countries.

*35* countries, including Costa Rica, Germany, Netherlands, China, Brazil, et al.

Let that sink in.

Choosing how to educate *your* *own* *children* can get you arrested and locked in a cage in *35 countries*.

~2+ *billion* people do not have the freedom to educate their own *children*.

This is one of the most glaring and abominable indications of the totalitarian control-system that is not-so-subtly woven into every level of our 21st-century global-monocultural ‘civilization.’”

As I wrote at that time, homeschooling is likely going to play a substantial role in how Tanja and I choose to educate our daughter, Lila.

This would have been the case even without this masking-children-in-schools nonsense, by the way.

7 years ago, I wrote about the inadequacies of mass education. Since then my feelings have only deepened. 

To me most ‘schools’ are utterly obsolete ‘educational’ spaces that function more like soul-crushing child-prisons than soul-inspiring, mind-illuminating, curiosity-blossoming spaces of enlightenment and evolution.

To be blunt: Schools are where you send your kids if you want them to be broken down and molded to fit in well with the traumatized masses of our sick civilization.

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society,” Jiddu Krishnamurti wisely said.

So, yeah, no, I won’t be sending my daughter to a public school. Especially not with these absurd masking protocols. 

If she does spend time in schools, they’ll be Montessori or Waldorf or other new-paradigm schools that she actually wants to experience—schools that are more experiential and participatory and soul-nurturing and that don’t force kids to cover their faces and block their airways.

Sovereign Parenthood

It has been heartening to see that there *are* many thousands of outraged parents rising up to say “No” to masking in schools—and masking of children, period.

I would personally encourage these parents to take things a step further and ask themselves why they are sending their children to institutions that deem child-masking a good idea in the first place.

Go back to first principles, speak to your child, and really ask yourself: 

In my heart of hearts, do I feel the best thing for my child is to be forced against their will to sit indoors in a desk for 7-8+ hours per day and memorize mostly-unpractical ‘facts’ and information?

Is this what is going to lead to the most optimal flourishing of their soul?

Clear seeing, sharp sense-making, and wise choice-making are three indispensable skills of a sovereign parent and sovereign being.

We’ll be discussing these in greater depth in my upcoming program, The Sovereign Man.

For any man and especially any father out there who is ready to rise to new levels of sovereignty, adulthood, clarity, courage, honor, truthfulness, open-heartedness, and wisdom…

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What are your thoughts on all this? I’m curious to know. Please leave a comment below.


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